Scalextric Jaguar D Type

SEPTEMBER 29TH - New UR Libraries

For anyone who is planning to build their own routed or scratchbuilt track, I've started a collection of track libraries which can be used in Ultimate Racer.

The library will build into a comprehensive collection allowing you to plan almost any type of track.

Scalextric Jaguar D Type

JULY 14TH - New Cars

Fiat 131 Abarth Fiat 131 Abarth SCX Citroen DS19 SCX Citroen DS19 Scalextric VW Beetle Scalextric VW Beetle Scalextric Mini Scalextric Mini Scalextric Jaguar D-Type Scalextric Jaguar D-Type Carrera Jaguar D-Type Carrera Jaguar D-Type Revell Porsche 550 Revell Porsche 550 Carrera Auto Union Type C Carrera Auto Union Type C Carrera Mercedes W125 Carrera Mercedes W125

MARCH 30TH - Updates

Apologies for the infrequent updates. There has been very little track activity recently as I haven't had the time or the space to set a track up.

However, I have been experimenting with different photographic set ups, and because of this I've ended up taking loads of photos which will be gradually appearing on the site.

Ferrari 156 Carrera Auto Union
Scalextric Ford Lotus Cortina

NOVEMBER 25th - New Cars

Porsce 911 Porshe 911 Mercedes Ewy Rosquist Mercedes Ewy Rosquist MG MG Jaguar C Jaguar C Fiat 124 Abarth Fiat 124 Abarth Alfa Alfa Ferrari Ferrari Alpine A110 Alpine A110 Cortina Cortina Mini Mini Escort Escort Sunbeam Tiger Sunbeam Tiger Morris Minor Datsun

Lot's of new cars, and loads of new photos as well.

Resin Kit


Three new resin kits arrived recently, a Datsun 240Z, a Sunbeam Alpine Tiger, both by OCAR, and a Morris Minor with oversized wheels.

As usual with resin kits, they're a fairly mixed bag, but as always they each have their own unique charm.

Saab & Mini


Ahvenisto Circuit, Hämeenlinna, Finland. As used on the 1968 1000 Lakes Rally.

Ahvenisto Circuit

RAC 2010


This year's Roger Albert Clark rally was a white out, very cold, very snowy and generally inhospitable in the weather department. Good, that's just how it should be every once in a while.

Great job by everybody concerned to keep it running, and congratulations to Stefaan Stouf and Joris Erard for the overall victory.

Maserati 250F


Time to catch up on some new cars. First, the magnificent Maserati 250F, driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. This isn't a new model, it's actually the Scalextric anniversary tin plate edition released a few years back, but it was on sale at a bargain price so it had to be bought.

Next, the SCX model of Pauli Toivonen's Citroen DS21 which controversially won the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally, the Scalextric Lotus Cortina in which Vic Elford won the 1964 Coupe des Alpes, and the Auto Art Lancia Fulvia which Sandro Munari drove to victory on the 1972 Monte Carlo.

These three cars arrived in the summer and had a run out at the Hunmanby Raceway. Perhaps surprisingly the Citroen was a really nice car to drive considering it's long wheelbase and narrow rear end. Less surprisingly, the Cortina, like many Scalextric cars was overpowered without a magnet and proved a bit of a handful. The Lancia Fulvia was unfortunately totally incapable of completing a lap, though I'm not yet sure what the problem was.

More recent additions were the classic Marlboro liveried Team Slot Lancia Stratos which won the 1974 Rallye San Remo, driven by Sandro Munari, and the less well known Spirit model of Chartrier's VW Golf from the 1980 Rallye de Mille Pistes.
Sunbeam AlpineAnd finally, a couple of resin kit cars, a Sunbeam Alpine, and a Datsun 240Z
Hunmanby Raceway

AUGUST 22nd - AUTO 64

Last weekend the Auto 64 Rally visited the Hunmanby Raceway, with a new track layout, new cars and new scenery. It was a cut down version of the full circuit as space in the car was limited, but in spite of that, it looked pretty cool and was quite a challenging drive, with plenty of varaiation.

As usual there are more photos in the Auto 64 Gallery, and there is also a detailed track layout page.

Track Scenery


Check out the scenery page for some ideas on how to add buildings, trees, rocks, straw bales and backgrounds to the track.

I've recently discovered a really simple, very cost effective way to make small shrubby trees, typical of the sort of tree that might grow on English scrubland or at the edge of a wood. As well as being cheap and simple, I think they look great, though I should also say that they're quite fragile. If we had a permanent track it wouldn't be a problem, but packing the trees away is going to be difficult.

Scalextric Mini


We have several new cars for the Auto 64 Rally, including Paddy Hopkirk's Mini, a beautiful model from Scalextric and winner of the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally. Next we have Henri Toivonen's Talbot Sunbeam from SCX, winner of the 1981 RAC Rally. Finally, on it's second release, the second of Timo Makinens hat trick of RAC winners, a 1974 Ford Escort RS1600.

Auto 64 Front Cover


The Auto 64 Rally now has it's own magazine, featuring the cars we've got, and the history that inspired our miniature slot car rally series.

Auto 64

Auto 64 Magazine (30mb PDF)

We've also got an Oliver's Mount magazine which explores the circuit's relationship with the R.A.C. Rally.

Auto 64 paddock


Here are a few snaps of the latest scenery and cars on the Auto 64 Rally. There are more photos in the Auto 64 Gallery.

Auto 64 paddock Auto 64 paddock Auto 64 paddock
Escort MkII


There are two new additions to the Auto 64 stables. I finally managed to finish the kit of Timo Makinnen's 1975 RAC winning Escort MkII. It's not a great car, partly because it's an innacurate model, partly because it was a bad casting and partly because I made some mistakes in making it. But I had to have this particular livery, because it was there on Oliver's Mount in 75 when I first saw rally cars on my favourite circuit.

The second new arrival is Timo again, this time winning the 1973 RAC rally in a Scalextric MkI Escort.

Saab 96 by Ocar


Finally got two of my kit cars finished. It's been quite a challenge and quite expensive, but I thoroughly enjoyed building them. The Saab 96 by Ocar is a decent model, not too much cleaning up required and all the metal accessories like bumpers, mirrors and lights, really make it a nice looking model.
The transit van was the best of the three models, nicely made, well cast, and very clean, but it was also far and away the heaviest. But then it's just a support vehicle, so it was never meant for racing.

The Escort model is, quite frankly a dog. By far the worst of the three models. Badly modelled and very poorly cast. It's quite possible that this is beyond my fairly limited modelling skills and patience. We'll see.