Scalextric Mini


Not many people attempt to do scenery for temporary tracks, it's usually reserved for permanent layouts. But why not?

I thought we should have some features that would add some proper racing atmosphere and even some period detail. It's obviously quite a challenge when you can only set up your track a few times a year and when everything has to be packed away in boxes and put up in the attic.

But I thought I'd have a go and I'm really glad I did. It adds a huge amount to the feel of the Auto 64 rally track and more importantly I've really enjoyed doing it. More to come.



Here are some printable backdrops I've made from photos I took on the North York Moors. So far, I haven't found a practical way to use a backdrop with a temporary track, but I will, one day.

Countryside Skyline 01
PDF 25MB - Dimensions 203 x 68cm - 180dpi

Countryside Background

Countryside Skyline 02
PDF 23MB - Dimensions 203 x 68cm - 180dpi

Countryside Background

They can also be seamlessly joined together. Shown below is an example of four backdrops, joined to form an 8m wide stretch.

Tiled Countryside Background

Printable Brick Wall


These textures can simply be printed onto A4 paper and glued to boxes. They are completely modular, so they can be used in combinations to form complete streets of almost any size. As well as the face textures you see here, there are also textures for the rooves and pavements, and more will follow.

Terraced House Fronts
PDF 10MB - Dimensions 27.7 x 17.0 cm - 300dpi

Terraced Houses

PDF 10MB - Dimensions 27.7 x 17.0 cm - 300dpi


Industrial Buildings
PDF 12MB - Dimensions 27.7 x 17.0 cm - 300dpi


PDF 10MB - Dimensions 27.7 x 17.0 cm - 300dpi

PDF 12MB - Dimensions 27.7 x 19.0 cm - 300dpi

PDF 2MB - Dimensions 27.7 x 19.0 cm - 300dpi

Weathered Scalextric Track

Track Weathering

Here is an unbelievably cheap and simple method for weathering plastic track. It can be used to make the track surface look more like an actual road, with repairs and dirt etc, or at it's extreme it can simulate the look and indeed grip levels of a gravel or dirt track.

No special tools are required, no special skills either. You can build up the effect, or cut it back, or even undo it completely.

Here's what it looks like.

Close up of weathered Scalextric track

And here is how it's done


These kind of small, shrubby trees can be made really easily with moorland heather. The tops are drizzled with glue and scattered with homemade sawdust scatter.

Trees Trees
Simple rockfaces


The cliffs and rockfaces of Whichwood Quarry are made from polystyrene or papier maché, or some combination of the two.

Simple rockfaces Simple rockfaces


Land Rover, Ford Anglia Police car and Massey Ferguson tractor.



Mostly hand painted models by MRRC, some Carrera figures and a few modified farmers by Britains.