There aren't too many advantages to having plastic track as opposed to wood. But being able to build a new track whenever you want is certainly one of them.

So, we've got loads of track plans and layouts for you to try out. There are real world circuits like Silverstone, Suzuka and Catalunya, and there are plenty of more practical, space efficient tracks.

For those of you planning a scratchbuilt wooden track, we've also got a custom made track library for Ultimate Racer


Like the title says, here are 102 Scalextric track plans, complete with layout diagrams, stock lists, and even the original software files so you can download them and modify them.

Recreate a circuit from the 2010 Formula 1 season, make a classic track, or build a smaller track to fit your space.

101 Circuits101 Circuits


101 Circuits for Scalextric Drivers was the original Scalextric publication which inspired us to produce 102 Circuits.

According to this official 1960s booklet “Scalextric is real Motor Racing in miniature and captures all the thrills, excitement and atmosphere of the real race track”

Perhaps, but what is certainly true is that there are plenty of interesting track designs to check out.

Oliver's Mount Track Plan


Oliver's MountOliver's Mount, in Scarborough, is claimed to be Englands only natural road racing circuit and is surely one of the most picturesque settings for a circuit anywhere in the world, with wonderful views over Scarborough's South Bay.

Primarily a motorcycle circuit, Oliver's Mount was however used for stages of the RAC Rally in 1975, 79, 82 and 85. In November 2008 the historic Roger Albert Clark Rally revisited the circuit for four memorable special stages, and returned again in 2009.

Gran Premio de CubaFidel Castro, President Batista, Che Guevara, politics, kidnapping, rebellion and death. No, I'm not talking about the latest Hollywood blockbuster, I'm talking about the amazing story of the Cuban Grands Prix of 1957 and 1958.

Carnage on the Malecon and the world champion, Fangio is kidnapped by Castro's rebels.



Whichwood Quarry is the main track for the Auto 64 Rally.

It boasts a range of features, from tight tricky hairpins to wide open banked corners and fast straights; from constant radius turns to varying radius sweeps, and of course a hill.

It manages to squeeze about 20 metres of track into a footprint of 3.4 x 1.4 metres, and yet it still proves quite a challenge to put in a good lap time.

Whichwood Whichwood