The cars are the stars of the show, the iconic, the beautiful and even the downright ugly.

At the moment, our main collections are

  • The Auto 64 rally field, featuring rally cars from 1959 to 1982
  • The Classic Series, featuring GP & GT cars of the 1950s and early 60s.
  • The Streamliner series, featuring cars raced at AVUS and Tripoli in the 1930s
Auto 64


A 1960s and 70s rally theme which takes place in North Yorkshire, somewhere off the A64 between York and Scarborough.

Auto 64 Gallery

Cars we've got so far include .....

Scalextric Ford Escort RS 1600 Mk1

Scalextric Ford Escort RS 1600 Mk1

Scalextric Ford Escort RS 1600 Mk1 Timo Makinen winning the 1973 RAC Rally.
Scalextric Ford Escort RS 1600 Mk1Roger Clark, from the 1973 RAC Rally.
Scalextric Ford Escort RS 1600 Mk1Timo Makinen, this time winning the 1974 RAC.
Scalextric Ford Escort RS 1600 Mk1Hannu Mikkola, East African Safari Rally Winner 1972
Team Slot Lancia Stratos

Team Slot Lancia Stratos

Team Slot Lancia StratosSandro Munari winning the 1974 Rallye San Remo
Team Slot Lancia StratosMunari again, this time winning the 1977 Monte Carlo
Team Slot Lancia StratosBernard Darniche on the 1981 Monte Carlo
SCX Ford Escort RS1800 Mk2

SCX Ford Escort RS1800 Mk2

SCX Ford Escort RS1800 Mk2Roger Clark, winning the 1976 RAC Rally
SCX Ford Escort RS1800 Mk2Bjorn Waldegard's 77 RAC winner
SCX Ford Escort RS1800 Mk2Roger Clark in 77
SCX Ford Escort RS1800 Mk2Hannu Mikkola winning the 79 RAC
SCX Ford Escort RS1800 Mk2Björn Waldegård on his way to winning the 1979 World Rally Championship
Scalextric Mini

Scalextric Mini

Scalextric MiniPaddy Hopkirk's 1964 Monte Carlo winner.
Scalextric MiniRauno Aaltonen, winning the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally
Resin Kit Escort

Resin kits

Saab 96

Resin kit Saab 96Erik Carlsson winning the RAC in 1961

Ford Escort Mk2

Resin kit EscortTimo Makinen's third succesive victory in the RAC Rally 1975

Sunbeam Alpine

Resin kit Sunbeam AlpinePeter Harper finishing fourth on 1965 Monte Carlo

Datsun 240Z

Resin kit Datsun 240zRauno Aaltonen & Jean Todt taking third place on the 1972 Monte Carlo
SCX Apine A110

SCX Apine A110

SCX Apine A110Ove Andersson's 1971 Monte Carlo winner.
SCX Apine A110First of an Alpine 1-2-3 in the 1973 Tour de Corse driven by J.P. Nicholas
SCX Citroen DS21

SCX Citroen DS21 & DS19

SCX Citroen DS21Pauli Toivonen's controversial winner of the 1966 Monte Carlo.
SCX Citroen DS19Monte Carlo 1959 winner, driven by P. Coltelloni

Scalextric Ford Cortina

Scalextric Ford CortinaVic Elford winning the 1964 Coupe des Alpes.
Scalextric Ford Cortina1964 East African Safari Winner, driven by Peter Hughes
Revell Mercedes Benz 220SE


Auto Art Lancia Fulvia

Auto Art Lancia FulviaSandro Munari winning the 1972 Rallye Monte Carlo.

SCX Talbot Sunbeam

SCX Talbot SunbeamHenri Toivonen winning the RAC in 1981

Fly Alfa Romeo GTAv

Fly Alfa RomeoRally Costa Brava 1976, piloted by Claudio Caba

Fly Porsche 911RS

Fly Porsche 911RSJean-Luc Therier's 1980 Tour de Corse winner


Scalextric MG GT class winner Monte Carlo Rally 1964 with Donald Morley


Revell Mercedes Benz 220SEEwy Rosqvist winning the 1962 Argentinian Gran Premio Standard


Revell Opel Ascona The last ever two wheel drive car to win the World Championship. Walter Rohrl 1982

MRRC Porsche 911

MRRC Porsche 911

Spirit BMW 2002

Spirit BMW 2002Wolfgang Stiller's 1973 BMW

Spirit VW Golf

Spirit VW GolfChartrier's car from the 1980 Rallye de Mille Pistes
Ferrari 375


Scalextric Mercedes 300 SLR

Mercedes 300 SLRFangio at the Mille Miglia in 1955

Revell Porsche 550

Revell Porsche 550AVUS 1955 winner with Richard von Frankenberg at the wheel

Auto Art Jaguar C-type

Auto Art Jaguar C Type1953 LeMans winner, driven by Rolt and Hamilton

Scalextric Jaguar D-type

Scalextric Jaguar D TypeLe Mans 1957 Winner with drivers Ron Flockart and Ivor Bueb

Carrera Jaguar D-type

Carrera Jaguar D Type1960 SCCA competitor.

Ferrari 375

Ferrari 375Ascari's 1951 car

Cooper Climax

Cooper ClimaxJack Brabham's 1960 car

Ferrari 156

Ferrari 156Phil Hill's 1961 World Championship winner
Ferrari 156Olivier Gendebien at the 1961 Belgian Grand Prix

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250FFangio's 1957 World Chamionship winner
Carrera Mercedes W125


Carrera Mercedes W125 Stromlinie

Carrera Mercedes W125Rudolf Caracciola at the AVUS 1937

Carrera Auto Union Type-C Stromlinie

Carrera Auto Union Type CLuigi Fagioli also at the AVUS 1937